Vita Microdermabrasion Treatment

Micro achieves outstanding results from the very first session
This medical grade treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells revealing younger looking skin beneath all with zero discomfort, this is our most popular facial treatment! Non-invasive, results are immediately visible making way for smooth refreshed skin. A fabulous method of that achieves outstanding results

The benefits for your skin are:

Reduces large pores
Even out skin tone
Blood stimulation
Improves acne scaring
Lift skin congestion
Lightens Mild pigment
Soften wrinkles & fine lines
Collagen stimulation
Lymphatic drainage
Stretch marks

+ $90


Micro-Madness – add a treatment

All skin types & conditions
This treatment incorporates the double benefits of Micro-dermabrasion with Ultrasonic infusion of one of our power peels.

Micro Madness
+ Treatment Mask$40
+ Omnilux light therapy$69
+ Power peel$65
+ Sono$30



Most skin types and conditions
The state of the art Hydro-Brasion system incorporates the cleanest possible skin treatment with the diamond head wand. This system exfoliates the skin and maximise the use of water while flushing out the pores with H2O and aloe vera as well as being able to be used dry depending on your skin.

+ $95


Skin Needling – DNT

Includes consultation – suits most skin types and conditions/span>

Also known as collagen induction therapy. This skin rejuvenation treatment helps restore collagen and elastin in the skin through the natural healing process, comfortable due to anaesthetic cream, has a very short healing time. The results from DNT speak for themselves The skin is firmer tighter, with diminished wrinkles, pigmentation, that can improve scarring, lines and overall skin texture with minimal disruption.

+ 75 mins | $450